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Does chronic pain damage the brain?

Our Blog,personal injury | September 26, 2017

Chronic pain is a risk to your brain, according to studies. When you have pain that never goes away, it’s not uncommon to feel depressed, anxious, or angry. You may not want to make decisions about the future for fear of how you’ll feel when the day comes. For patients living with chronic pain, the…

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What is considered to be speeding in California?

Our Blog,personal injury | September 21, 2017

Speeding may not seem like a serious offense, because so many people do it all the time. The problem with speeding is that it could cause an otherwise relatively harmless accident to turn into a fatal collision or one with serious repercussions. Every time a vehicle speeds up, there is a higher risk of more…

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Drowning: A silent killer

Our Blog,personal injury | September 19, 2017

By now, residents of other areas of the country have already put away their pool furniture and winterized their outdoor spas. But Californians are still enjoying the fine weather to swim, sunbathe and socialize in and around their pools. Even though the kids have returned to school, that doesn’t mean being less watchful around the…

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What should you do to prevent sports injuries?

Our Blog,personal injury | September 8, 2017

A personal injury has the potential to change your life, but what if your life is only just beginning? Imagine being 5, 6 or even 7years old when you suffer a preventable injury that affects the way your memory works or how you walk. It could be devastating for your entire life. When children participate…

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Singing Johnny hurt in motorcycle crash: Community offers help

Our Blog,personal injury | September 7, 2017

The beloved handyman of Sutter County who is famous for singing beautiful tunes was recently injured in a serious motorcycle accident. The 73-year-old man, John Dowden, has been called “Singing Johnny” for over five decades — and virtually everyone knows him in Sutter County. One Sutter resident mentioned that if you asked Singing Johnny to…

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Is riding a scooter on a sidewalk illegal?

Our Blog,personal injury | August 29, 2017

If you’re walking on a sidewalk and suddenly have to jump out of the way to avoid someone on a scooter, you know the dangers that they pose. Interestingly, mopeds, motor bikes and even scooters without power are banned from sidewalks in California. Why? In cases where a pedestrian can’t get out of the way,…

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Simple advice to prevent motorcycle injuries

Our Blog,personal injury | August 28, 2017

Sometimes it’s the simplest advice that offers the best results in terms of motorcycle safety. The easier and simpler a piece advice happens to be, the more likely motorcyclists will follow the advice and benefit from it. With this in mind, here are some great tips to prevent motorcycle crashes from State Farm Insurance: Get…

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7-vehicle crash leaves several injured

Our Blog,personal injury | August 23, 2017

When one driver makes an error, that person puts everyone else on the roads in danger. A single error could result in multiple vehicles crashing, which could lead to injuries and deaths. Even if the initial accident is caused by a small vehicle, the impacts of larger vehicles or the involvement of pedestrians can quickly…

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Amputation and phantom limb pain

Our Blog,personal injury | August 18, 2017

Amputation injuries are not uncommon after a catastrophic car accident that results in severe damage to a leg or arm. If you have suffered the amputation of a limb as a result of a car accident, you are no doubt struggling to adjust to post-amputation life. One thing you could be dealing with in this…

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