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Civil Boy Scout sexual abuse case goes to trial

Injuries to Children,Our Blog | January 28, 2015

A 20-year-old man who was sexually abused by a Boy Scout adult volunteer in 2007 has sued the Boy Scouts of America in a personal injury lawsuit. The case began trial this week. The man is arguing that the organization failed to warn parents and volunteers about the dangers of sexual abuse. His attorney said…

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California lawmaker advocates for car seat safety

Injuries to Children,Our Blog | January 7, 2015

New parents often fret over getting into a car accident with their children, but our modern society often requires parents to drive with their offspring in tow on a daily basis despite their fears. Soon, parents become accustomed to driving with their children and they become less concerned about potential car accidents. However, parents must…

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The importance of installing a car seat properly (2 of 2)

Injuries to Children,Our Blog | September 4, 2014

Welcome back. We are currently discussing the importance of installing car seats properly. Here are the remaining tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Parents Central page on properly installing car seats: For rear-facing seats: The car seat should be installed at the correct recline angle. Most ears are equipped with indicators that help…

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Placer County bus accident leaves 2 children hurt

Injuries to Children,Our Blog | August 23, 2014

There is no question that school buses play an important role in transporting children throughout Placer County, California. Unfortunately, as is the case with any other motor vehicle on the road, there is the possibility that a school bus could be involved in a collision with another automobile. This was the case earlier this month…

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