Car accident results in multiple injures in California

Car Accidents,medical expenses,Our Blog,personal injury | February 26, 2015

Several individuals, including a child, unfortunately suffered injuries in a recent California car accident. The afternoon car accident took place on a Friday. Police said it occurred when one person driving a vehicle ended up losing control of the car while exiting a car wash.

Several minutes past 3:30 p.m., the driver of the vehicle hit a car that was parked. The first car that was struck was in the process of being vacuumed. This was pushed into a boy, 10, who was standing nearby. The boy fell and suffered injuries to his head and was transported to the hospital.

A girl, about 6, was sitting in the car that was struck. She did not appear to have visible injuries but was transported to the hospital as a precaution. The car that reportedly caused the first collision then struck another automobile that was parked. The owner of the parked car was in the process of drying the car when the accident happened and suffered an arm injury; this individual was taken to the hospital as well. Police continued to investigate the cause of the crash, though it did not appear that drugs or alcohol were a causal factor in the crash.

Victims of a California crash caused by another party have a right to file personal injury claims based upon evidence of negligence. They may seek the reimbursement of financial damages, with a monetary award potentially being helpful for covering medical expenses and other losses associated with the car accident. Liability has to be established in a manner that meets the civil court’s requirements before a judge will decide the plaintiffs’ claims for monetary damages.

Source: Monrovia, CA Patch, “Crash at Car Wash in Monrovia Injures Children, Adults”, Mirna Alfonso, Feb. 13, 2015