Car accident results in deaths of 3 teenage girls

Car Accidents,Our Blog | November 4, 2014

Three teenagers were hit by a vehicle in California recently while engaging in trick-or-treating activities. Sadly, all three died. The accident took place on Halloween night, and police searched for the passenger and driver of the vehicle, who allegedly fled the car accident scene.

According to police, witnesses reported that the three girls wore dark clothes and were struck in the area of a crosswalk beside a school right before 7 p.m. Two of the girls died at the scene, and the third one died while she was being transported to the hospital. Two of the victims were twin sisters.

The sport utility vehicle considered to have been involved in the collision was found near the scene shortly after the crash occurred. However, the automobile was empty. Police continued to collect evidence, such as DNA samples and fingerprints, from the vehicle.

Once the SUV driver is located, he or she will likely face criminal charges. Moreover, this individual may also face legal issues in the form of wrongful death claims filed by the family members of the three girls killed in the tragic accident. The girls’ surviving family members reserve the right to pursue damages, and a successful litigation could assist them in obtaining restitution for burial expenses and other financial losses resulting from the car accident. If the vehicle driver is found guilty of any California criminal charges, proof of the conviction may be presented in civil court in an attempt to establish financial responsibility for the girls’ deaths.

Source: New York Daily News, “Police searching for driver in Calif. hit-and-run that killed three trick-or-treaters, two of them twin sisters“, Nov. 1, 2014