Car accident results in death of 24-year-old in California

Car Accidents,Our Blog | January 21, 2014

A person who is in college may be excited about the future, looking forward to seizing all the opportunities that life has to offer in his or her chosen career field. These dreams, however, could be snuffed out in an instant simply due to another person’s lack of caution behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. When a person is struck and killed by another vehicle, the family members who are left behind in California typically experience both grief and frustration, especially if the person who allegedly perpetrated the car accident fled the scene of the crash.

A recent accident occurred when a car operated by a 24-year-old veterinary student, was struck by another vehicle. A pickup truck struck the driver’s side of the victim’s Ford Escort in Northridge. As a result, the victim was ejected from his automobile and left in the roadway by the fleeing driver.

The man was transported to the hospital but died from his injuries. Preliminary reports suggest the man was still alive when emergency responders arrived on the scene following the accident. The crash occurred shortly after midnight, and authorities say that the fleeing driver crashed into yet another vehicle that was parked on the street before making a getaway in his pickup. Authorities are looking for a tall white male thought to weigh 230-280 pounds.

If and when the pickup driver is located, he will likely face criminal charges. The family of the deceased man may elect to sue him, seeking reimbursement for financial damages that resulted from the fatal car accident. A hit-and-run criminal conviction may be helpful in proving the man’s financial liability in a wrongful death suit. If liability is established to a civil court’s satisfaction in California, specific claims for monetary damages will be adjudicated.

Source:, Northridge Hit-and-Run Leaves 1 Man Dead, John A. Moreno, Jan. 15, 2014