Car accident results in 1 man’s death, 2 injuries in California

Car Accidents,Our Blog,personal injury | July 4, 2014

A drive that starts out normally can quickly end up in a major accident that kills or injures motorists and others. Failure to comply with traffic laws or reckless driving can cause or contribute to these types of vehicle crashes. One recent car accident in California led to the death of one individual and injuries to two others.

This accident happened during the early morning hours on a recent Sunday. According to police, three individuals were riding in a pickup truck. The truck was headed south on a road, and the driver suddenly lost control. It ended up striking a parked vehicle.

The driver of the pickup died as a result of the collision. Meanwhile, the two passengers in his vehicle suffered injuries. They were transported to the hospital. Police did not readily know if drinking played a role in the accident. However, alcohol use wasn’t ruled out, authorities said.

The two passengers who survived the accident may face extensive hospital bills. They might have also been forced to quit working while they recovered from the injuries caused by the accident. They may seek to recover their losses by filing personal injury claims associated with the accident. Although the driver who allegedly caused the two-vehicle accident died, his estate could still be held liable, and so could all separate drivers of the truck he was operating at the time of the collision. The court will rule in the plaintiffs’ favor if there is competent proof of negligence on the part of the driver reportedly involved in the California car accident.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “One Dead, Two Injured After Fatal Crash In Montebello“, Oleevia Woo, June 29, 2014