Car accident on highway causes 6 deaths in California

Car Accidents,Our Blog | February 14, 2014

People usually don’t anticipate that the quick goodbyes they share with their loved ones before leaving home will end up being their final goodbyes. Discovering that a family member has been killed in a California car accident as a result of another person’s decision to drive while intoxicated can cause a mixture of grief and outrage. The surviving loved ones may feel helpless and long for a sense of justice in a seemingly senseless situation.

In a recent situation in California, a vehicle wreck that happened before dawn resulted in the deaths of six individuals. The crash occurred on State Route 60. A 21-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving as well as manslaughter following the vehicle wreck.

According to police, the woman was driving east in lanes going west. Her vehicle crashed head-on with another car. Then, a third vehicle crashed into the second one. Four individuals were pronounced dead at the scene of the collision, while two others perished after being transported to the hospital. The woman who is believed to have caused the accident suffered serious injuries.

Legal issues may plague the 21-year-old believed to have caused the crash as a result of driving the wrong way on the Interstate. The family members of those who died in the crash may file wrongful death lawsuits, seeking monetary damages to help to cover the financial damages tied to the car accident. If a criminal conviction is secured in California, proof of the criminal court’s judgment concerning the charge of driving under the influence and related criminal findings may help to prove her financial responsibility for the accident in a related civil court proceeding.

Source: The Washington Post, 6 die in multi-car crash on S. California freeway, No author, Feb. 9, 2014