Car accident leads to injuries, death in California

Car Accidents | April 2, 2014

Learning that a loved one has been involved in a vehicle accident can be heartbreaking. However, finding out that this family member lost his or her life due to someone else’s negligence may cause outrage. Passengers are totally reliant on a driver’s ability to navigate a car properly, and when this fails to happen, the results can be fatal. This is the situation that one family is facing in California following a recent car accident.

The driver of a car unexpectedly lost control of the automobile. The automobile was going north on a roadway in La Jolla at the time of the crash. The car struck a curb and then crashed into another car and hit a light post.

The two drivers suffered injuries as a result of the accident. They were taken to the hospital. The passenger in the first car died in the wreck.

The driver who is believed to have caused the two-car crash might face legal problems in the form of a personal injury claim and/or wrongful death suit. The injured victim has the right to file a claim against the driver, seeking damages to help with medical costs. Meanwhile, the loved ones of the deceased passenger can pursue reimbursement of financial damages, which can address pain and suffering and help with funeral expenses and other losses recognized under our state laws. To prevail in a civil courtroom in California, there must be proof by a preponderance of the evidence that the death or injuries stemmed from the negligence of another party to the car accident.

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