Car accident leads to deaths of 5 people heading to Disneyland

Car Accidents | May 16, 2014

A family who was on their way to Disneyland, considered “the happiest place on Earth,” never got to experience it due to a recent vehicle accident. To make matters worse, the California incident took place on Mother’s Day. All of the family members perished in the car accident, leaving surviving loved ones struggling with grief.

Two parents were on their way to Disneyland with their kids and had stopped at a particular intersection in the southern part of the state. The youngest of the three kids was going to celebrate her birthday at the park. All of a sudden, a van struck their car.

The van ended up landing on top of the car and killing all of its occupants. The children killed were 2, 4 and 9. Family members are in mourning.

A vigil was held the day after Mother’s Day to remember the family. The man who was driving the van suffered minor injuries and received treatment at the accident scene. Police said he apparently drifted into an incorrect lane and therefore hit the car during the morning hours. Police continue to investigate the matter.

Failure to stay in one’s own lane may be viewed as negligent driving. If police determine that the man’s alleged negligent behavior led to the fatal accident, he could be held liable for the deaths resulting from the collision. Family members of the deceased might file wrongful death lawsuits against the van’s driver. A victorious outcome can result in financial compensation for the plaintiff, which might help to address their pain and suffering as well as cover funeral costs and other expenses linked to the California car accident.

Source: Fox News Latino, “California Family Killed In Mother’s Day Car Accident Were On Way To Disneyland”, , May 13, 2014