Car accident leads to 3 deaths in California

Car Accidents,Our Blog,personal injury | July 25, 2014

Three people recently passed away after a head-on crash in California. The car accident occurred early in the morning on a Sunday. Witnesses told police that they believed one driver, possibly intoxicated, was going the wrong way on the freeway.

The authorities say that a collision took place shortly thereafter. Reportedly, a 28-year-old man was speeding while going west in an eastbound lane. A car was struck by the vehicle operated by the wrong way driver. A man who was driving the car that was hit, along with a female passenger in the car, were seriously injured and were transported to the hospital.

Two other individuals in the car’s backseat died as a result of the crash. In addition, the person who was reportedly driving the wrong way was also killed. The crash scene was closed for several hours following the incident.

The families of the two deceased victims who were in the car when it was hit may commence wrongful death claims in a California civil court. Although the person who police said caused the accident died, his estate may have to respond to such a lawsuit. Any separate owner of the vehicle he drove could also be added as a defendant. If the plaintiffs prevail in their cases by providing competent proof of negligence, they may be awarded monetary damages that can help them to address the financial losses stemming from the car accident. The parties who were seriously injured have a similar right to initiate personal injury claims against the estate of the wrong way driver and any other owner of the vehicle he was operating.

Source:, “Victims Identified in Fatal Wrong-Way Crash in Rancho Cucamonga“, Oleevia Woo and Reggie Kumar, July 20, 2014