Car accident leads to 3 deaths in California

Car Accidents,compensation,medical expenses,Our Blog,personal injury | July 10, 2014

A rear-end accident can have disastrous consequences. This is especially true if the person who caused the car accident was speeding and was not paying attention to the traffic ahead of him or her. Three people recently died in this type of vehicle accident in California.

The incident occurred in the area of Antelope Valley Freeway at night, police said. A man, said to be 40 years old, was navigating his car south on the freeway. At that time, a 58-year-old driver reportedly rear-ended him.

The car that was hit from behind contained the driver and four passengers. It caught fire after the crash. The driver of the car as well as two young male passengers, ages 8 and 13, remained trapped and died. Meanwhile, the two other passengers suffered major injuries. The driver of the vehicle that allegedly caused the rear-end accident suffered minor injuries.

The person who police said caused the car accident might well face legal claims for financial liability for the injuries and deaths resulting from it. These claims are separate from any criminal charges that are pursued. The family of the deceased victims is entitled to file wrongful death claims against the man, while the injured parties may opt to pursue personal injury lawsuits, based on evidence of negligence. If they prevail in their lawsuits, any monetary compensation awarded to them may help them to pay for medical expenses, loss of support or other crash-related losses. Liability needs to be established according to the evidentiary standards of a California civil court before claims for monetary damage claims may be considered.

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