Car accident leads to 2 injuries, 2 deaths in California

Car Accidents | August 7, 2014

Two cars recently crashed into one another in California, leaving two individuals injured and two others dead. The accident happened on a Saturday afternoon, according to police. This type of car accident can easily cause pain and suffering for the families of those who die as well as those who are injured in such a crash.

This particular crash occurred near 11 a.m. A man who was 28 years old was operating a vehicle east with a 27-year-old woman. Police did not know the speed at which they were navigating before arriving at an intersection. At that time, another man, who is said to be 24, was heading south toward the intersection.

Police report that the older driver did not stop at a stop sign; instead, he proceeded into the intersection. The younger driver then went through this intersection and hit the older driver’s car. Both cars flipped over, and the older driver along with the woman in his car flew out of it. They passed away at the accident scene due to their injuries, officials reported; meanwhile, the younger driver and a passenger in his car suffered minor injuries. Neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to be causal factors in the wreck.

The family of the dead passenger who was in the car of the older driver might file a wrongful death claim in this case. Since the driver died in the car accident, the suit may be filed against the driver’s estate or against any separate owner of the car he was operating when the crash occurred. The family may seek the reimbursement of monetary damages incurred in the collision, such as loss of support or funeral costs. Liability has to be established in accordance with California’s wrongful death laws before a court will decide damage claims.

Source:, “Two people dead in car crash southeast of Delano”, Oscar Contreras, July 26, 2014