Car accident involving multiple vehicles leads to injuries, death

Car Accidents,compensation,Our Blog,personal injury | June 6, 2014

Several injuries and one death recently resulted from a multiple-vehicle collision in California. When this type of incident occurs, the families of the deceased victims are — naturally — deeply upset. At the same time, those who are injured may be worried about their own health as well as about how they will afford to cover their medical bills linked to the car accident.

The recent accident took place in the region of Highway 84 on a Saturday evening. The accident occurred at about 5:45 p.m. in a rural area. According to officials, the incident happened on Highway 84, a short distance east of Interstate 680.

Police at the crash scene said they did not know what had sparked the massive crash. The lane going west on the highway remained closed for multiple hours while police investigated the accident. The crash caused traffic to back up in the northbound lanes of Interstate 680, authorities said.

Further investigation will be necessary to learn who may have caused or materially contributed to the California car accident. If it is discovered that one of the drivers caused the crash due to negligence or reckless behavior, he or she may be held financially responsible for the injuries and/or death associated with the wreck. For instance, the driver might have been driving too fast for road conditions or driving while distracted. Monetary compensation awarded in a wrongful death claim or personal injury claims may help the deceased victim’s family to move forward, while also covering any losses sustained by the injured victims in the collision.

Source:, “Fatal crash shuts down Highway 84 near Sunol“, Carolyn Jones, May 31, 2014