Can you be susceptible to road rage?

Our Blog,personal injury | June 30, 2017

Independence Day weekend is widely regarded as one of the busiest times to be on the road. Even with California’s traditionally high gas prices (even though they are lower than in past years), it is expected that more people will be on the road. Nationwide, it is expected that more than 37 million people will travel at least 50 miles to a vacation destination.

Indeed, dealing with heavy traffic, especially on Interstate 80, can fray a person’s nerves. Traffic jams may lead to aggressive driving and even road rage. Yes, we may think that the people driving around us are crazy, but how can you tell if you are the problem? This post will identify some common factors.

How often do you use your horn? – Invariably we use our horns to get people’s attention or warn them of hazards they may not see. But if you constantly use your horn to express frustration, this is a primary sign of potential road rage.

Do you use obscene gestures or yell at other drivers? – It is common for drivers to be upset about actions that nearly cause an accident. But when this frustration boils over into lashing out at other drivers, this could also spark road rage.

Do you tailgate or try to beat red lights? – These are two classic forms of aggressive driving that you may not even realize. But regularly speeding and weaving around other drivers can easily translate into road rage.

We do not intend to critique people’s driving habits, but incorporating safe driving practices can reduce the risk of being in an accident.