Can I Recover Compensation for Facial Scarring?

compensation | August 25, 2023

If you or somebody you care about has sustained an injury that led to facial scarring, and if the injury was caused by the negligence of another party, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. Compensation for facial scarring typically becomes part of an overall personal injury claim against the alleged negligent party, along with other damages. Here, we want to discuss some of the consequences of facial scarring and how much compensation an individual may be able to expect.

Can I Recover Compensation for Facial Scarring?

Facial Scarring and Long-Term Consequences

Individuals often do not think of scarring when they think of compensation after an injury occurs. However, severe scarring, or certain types of scarring invisible areas of the body, can lead to a decrease in the quality of life for the victim. Permanent scarring can lead to lifelong pain and may require extensive corrective surgeries. This type of injury can also affect a person’s mental health, typically tied to their self-image and how others see them.

Because of the permanency of severe facial scarring, individuals are often able to recover more compensation than they otherwise would for other types of injuries. This compensation can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Medical bills related to the initial incident as well as any corrective procedures necessary
  • Coverage of counseling the injury victim may need due to the permanent altering of their appearance
  • Lost wages if a victim is unable to work as a result of their injuries
  • Lost earning capacity if the permanent scarring affects a person’s ability to pursue a career
  • Mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment and loss of quality of life damages

A Lawsuit Against Another Party

One route towards recovering compensation after sustaining facial scarring is filing a lawsuit against the alleged negligent party. The person or entity who caused the facial scarring should be held responsible, and personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years from the date the injury occurs in California.

When filing a lawsuit against another party, this means the case goes into the civil court system, and there will need to be an extensive investigation into the incident in order to prove the liability of the other party. We strongly recommend that facial scarring victims work with a skilled personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience handling complex claims such as this.

Work Injuries and Facial Scarring

If individuals sustain an injury in the workplace that leads to facial scarring, they may be able to recover various types of compensation as well. First, workers’ comp should pay for all medical bills related to the initial emergency and the recovery process. However, additional types of compensation for facial scarring could be available, but it will take some time to determine how much compensation. Medical professionals will need to evaluate how severe the scarring is after a person heals.

Employees do not have to prove they have a loss of function in order to recover compensation for a disfiguring scar. For example, an injured worker could completely recover as far as mobility and other functioning but still have visible scarring that affects their life and job. We suggest working with a skilled lawyer who can assist an injured employee in recovering the compensation they are entitled to.