California woman makes truck accident rescue for second time

Our Blog,truck accidents | January 29, 2014

An accident in Pinole on Interstate 80 left one woman trapped inside her car; luckily, a 24-year-old woman from Vallejo was able to rescue her. This is the second time that the Vallejo woman has responded to a truck accident in about two years. The Vallejo woman was on her way home on Jan. 22 at around 8:30 a.m. when she witnessed a truck collide with a car near Richmond.

According to a spokesperson from the California Highway Patrol, the truck caused the car to overturn and land on its roof, leaving the driver trapped inside. After seeing the accident, the woman immediately sprung into action, despite seeing smoke emanating from the car and being worried about the vehicle catching fire. The woman struggled to open the car door and undo the driver’s seatbelt. After some other motorists arrived to help, the driver was taken to the hospital and escaped with only minor injuries.

The first accident that the woman responded to involved a big rig that caught fire near San Francisco on Oct. 19, 2011. Despite having her young daughter in the car, the woman pulled over to help the driver of the truck. She apparently leaped over leaking fuel in order to pull the driver to safety. She even placed her coat on the driver in order to protect him from the early-morning cold weather.

The first accident led to the woman receiving an honor from the CHP, as well as the city of San Francisco. The CHP spokesperson stated that average citizens are capable of doing surprising things when faced with critical circumstances. Unfortunately, victims of truck accidents will not often be as lucky as the people in these situations. Truck accidents can often result in major injuries or worse. To learn more about truck accidents and avenues for compensation, speak with a Sacramento truck collision lawyer.

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