California woman killed in a pedestrian accident; 16 more injured

Our Blog,wrongful death | January 11, 2014

When someone hears about a car accident, one typically envisions something on a busy road or highway. A boardwalk at the beach is not usually somewhere one would picture a crash occurring. However, one woman was sadly killed in a pedestrian accident in California that did indeed take place on a busy boardwalk during the summer. Sadly, the collision involved many more than just this one victim.

The summer is a busy time for tourists in California, particularly at the many beaches. One such busy beach day, a 38-year-old driver plowed down the boardwalk, swerving and grinning as he attempted to hit the pedestrians. One victim, a woman who had gotten married simply three days earlier, lost her life after being hit and swept up by the vehicle. The automobile had carried her body further down the boardwalk.

The driver assaulted 16 other victims as he zoomed down the busy boardwalk. Besides these counts of vehicular assaults, he is also being charged with one count of murder for the life of the woman killed and multiple counts of leaving the scene of the motor vehicle accident. The driver turned himself in following the catastrophic accident that was shockingly caught on video. He has been behind bars since the time of his arrest and will face trial later this month.

A fun and exciting day at the beach in California turned devastating and deadly at the hands of one driver. The loss of a loved one killed in a pedestrian accident is tragic. While nothing can remove the emotional and physical harm the victims experienced, successfully pressing charges can give them piece of mind. They can also file civil claims for negligence, and the deceased victim’s husband can file claims for wrongful death on behalf of his wife. These claims can assist with any funeral costs and medical bills resulting from this shocking and unusual accident.

Source:, Suspect in fatal Venice Beach boardwalk crash ordered to stand trial for murder, Nina Golgowski, Jan. 8, 2014