California trucking accidents and defense strategies

Our Blog,truck accidents | February 1, 2016

California residents may be interested in the various aspects of the defense for a truck driving accident. There are numerous questions that occur to a truck driver the moment after an accident, including concerns about the damage to the truck and the professional ramifications of the accident. It is crucial for attorneys to develop a relationship with their truck driver clients as soon as possible so they can answer these questions and address related fears. A team approach is essential to a solid defense.

During the course of a trial, the truck driver is the most visible motor carrier representative and often the most essential witness. The jury will assess the truck driver’s actions both before and after a trucking accident when making a decision about the case. It is important for the attorney and truck driver to work in conjunction to develop a strong defense and provide expert information to the jury.

In many cases, a truck driver will feel remorse, even if the accident was not his fault. It is the attorney’s job to prepare the truck driver so he can present himself professionally in court. An attorney should also instruct truck driver clients not to discuss the accident on social media or among social contacts. A strong rapport makes it easier for both the truck driver and the lawyer to collect information and develop a sound defense strategy throughout trial.

Trucking accidents that result in catastrophic injuries may lead to a personal injury lawsuit. A motor vehicle accidents lawyer might be able to help injured victims in the process of obtaining compensation for medical expenses and long-term care costs as well as alternate transportation. A driver who is found to have acted negligently may be liable for other damages, such as the physical and emotional pain of the victim.