California truck accident injures construction workers

Our Blog,truck accidents | April 25, 2014

A construction zone accident featuring a semi truck left multiple workers with injuries in California. Three men were hurt, but none were killed in the accident, and it appears that the driver of the semi truck may not even know that anything happened. The police are still looking for the truck and the driver.

The accident began when one worker moved toward a guard rail to set up a wooden beam. The beam fell over the wall, and that initiated the truck accident as the passing vehicle hit the board. This impact threw the board forward, and it then hit the three other workers who were on the site. The truck kept on going, which is why officials think that the driver may not have even felt or heard the impact, the semi being so much larger.

The exact extent of the injuries has not been released, but it is known that one of the workers was airlifted from the scene and brought to the UC Davis Medical Center. His injuries appear to be related to head trauma from the impact. Another worker did not go to the hospital, but he was driven to a clinic for treatment. The third worker got minor treatment that could be done on the site.

Whether or not the driver knew what happened may be unclear, but it is important for those who are injured in a truck accident like this to keep their eyes on the police reports and to stay involved with the case until it is determined who was at fault. If it does appear that anything that the driver did contributed to the accident, injured parties have the right to seek compensation for a personal injury.

Source: CBS Sacramanto, “Semi Truck Accident Injures 3 Workers In Fix 50 Area” No author given, Apr. 23, 2014