California officials use April to target distracted driving

Car Accidents,Our Blog | April 4, 2014

One of the most discussed topics on this blog is distracted driving. Now, California law enforcement is also focusing on this issue during the month of April. Reports indicate that this month is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In order to promote safety and raise the profile of this concern, the state’s texting-and-driving ban will be heavily enforced.

Beyond enforcement measures, state officials aim to make people aware of how dangerous it is to become distracted behind the wheel. They point out that it takes, on average, 4.6 seconds to receive and read a text message. In that time, a car traveling at freeway speeds will have covered a distance greater than one football field. Of course, this opens up a major risk for everyone nearby.

During the first part of April, the focus will be on teenagers and distracted driving. Identifying that texting behind the wheel is a particular problem among young serves as the basis for this particular statewide effort. Ultimately, the hope is to break or prevent bad habits among younger motorists.

Above all, this month’s road safety efforts are a reminder of the responsibility that belongs to every driver. Public officials can make every effort to raise awareness of how dangerous it is to become distracted while driving, but it is ultimately up to individuals to change their behavior. Not only is it illegal to use most mobile devices while driving in the state of California, it’s an intentional act that could cause harm to many others on or near the road.

Source:, “CHP Cracks Down On Texting During Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” Allison Pari, April 2, 2014