California multiple vehicle car accident: 1 dead, 1 injured

Car Accidents,Our Blog,personal injury | November 9, 2013

A California man from Escondido, said to be 47 years old, was the victim of a fatal crash recently, and the CHP indicates that alcohol may well have played a role in the tragedy. Authorities say the car accident occurred when the man’s pickup truck swerved across California State Route 94 and into oncoming traffic. It apparently sideswiped a vehicle, then collided head on into another automobile.

The car accident resulted in the death of the driver of the pickup. The driver of the vehicle that was struck directly suffered a broken foot. Fortunately the driver of the vehicle that was sideswiped reported no injuries immediately after the collision.

The families and drivers of both the vehicles that collided with the out of control pickup now have to take stock, and try to put their lives back in order. Fortunately, for the driver that was uninjured, he only has a vehicle that may need replacing. Sometimes, however, car accident injuries don’t fully emerge in the immediate aftermath of a crash, and those involved in the crash will likely need to monitor their physical condition in the upcoming days and weeks.

The other driver, a woman from Chula Vista, may also have a vehicle to replace, in addition to a foot that is broken. She likely has the right to file a civil suit in order to seek recovery of monetary damages sustained. It is clearly tragic that the pickup driver died in the car accident. Nevertheless, if the evidence suggests the crash was caused by his negligence in losing control of his vehicle, it may be appropriate to file civil claims in a California court against his estate (and any separate owner of the vehicle he was operating) in order to seek recovery of losses for property damage and personal injury.

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