California motorcycle accident leaves woman in critical condition

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | February 14, 2014

A motorcycle accident can change one’s life in an instant. Motorcyclists must take extreme care for their own safety, and for the safety of anyone who happens to be riding with them. When a California motorcycle accident occurs due to a motorcyclist’s failure to follow the law or because he or she was drunk, victims can seek financial restitution under the law.

Recently, a 63-year-old man was arrested for allegedly driving his motorcycle while inebriated. The man was traveling on Interstate 15 on a recent Saturday when he crashed his bike. The crash caused his 43-year-old female passenger to slide across the Interstate and get hit by a car. Sadly, the injuries she sustained were serious. She was taken to the hospital, and as of Feb. 9, her condition was listed as critical.

Troopers allege that traffic was highly congested at the time of the accident, and the motorcyclist decided to ride his motorbike between the lanes. This is when he allegedly lost control. The motorcyclist was also injured after his bike smashed into a dump truck. Apparently, he fractured his arm.

At this time, the identities of the motorcyclist and his passenger have yet to be released; therefore, it is not known if the man and the woman were related in any way. However, considering the extensive and costly medical care required by the passenger in this California motorcycle accident, the woman may wish to file a lawsuit relating to the incident. While the decision to pursue a personal injury claim is most certainly a personal one, if this woman is unable to pay for her medical care, a personal injury claim may be her only hope to finance her care and any needed rehabilitation services.

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