California highway patrol launches distracted driving campaigns

Our Blog,Pedestrian Accidents | August 26, 2014

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the summer months are officially coming to an end for California residents. What that means is that thousands of kids in the state will be returning to school and drivers will once again need to exercise heightened caution within school zones.

Pedestrian safety has always been a concern around school zones, but this is even truer since distracted driving has become an increasing problem in recent years. For that reason, the California Highway patrol is conducting an operation this week to stop drivers from distracted driving in school zones.

This week, the CHP will take part in “Operation No Cell Phones Around Schools,” and the efforts will continue in the Central Valley through the holiday weekend with “Operation Cell Free Friday, Saturday and Sunday.” Officers will be patrolling for distracted drivers and issuing tickets accordingly.

During the summer months, drivers may forget that they must be extremely careful to watch for children walking, biking or getting dropped off at school. Each year, innocent students are injured or killed when drivers fail to use the necessary caution around school zones and accidents occur.

When drivers strike pedestrians or bicyclists, whether it is in school zones or elsewhere, they may be liable for civil damages if negligence was involved. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help the accident victim and his or her family investigate the case to see what type of damages may be applicable.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries that can lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages and permanent care requirements. That’s why personal injury claims are critical to many accident victims and their families.