California fatal accident results in pedestrian death

Pedestrian Accidents | December 6, 2013

Pedestrians are always at risk when they share the roadway with multiple types of motor vehicles. They must often walk very close to traffic, and they have nothing to protect them if a collision should occur. Sadly, tragedy sometimes strikes because of this. A recent fatal accident in California just before Thanksgiving led to a pedestrian death. The incident is still being investigated as authorities work to determine the cause.

A 50-year-old woman and 78-year-old man were reportedly walking alongside a road in Fair Oaks around noon when the accident occurred. They were in the westbound shoulder walking against traffic, and the woman was closer to the road. Suddenly, a Ford Taurus in the eastbound lane lost control, veering across the westbound lane and into the shoulder. After striking the woman, the car went off the road and hit a tree in an embankment. The California Highway Patrol reported that the car was going about 35 mph at the time of the collision.

The 53-year-old driver and the female pedestrian were taken to the hospital. However, the pedestrian reportedly died while being transported. Her companion was not injured in the accident. The driver of the Taurus suffered only minor injuries.

As the details of the investigation into this fatal accident become clear, the family of the decedent may be considering a wrongful death claim. If the driver is found to have been acting in a negligent manner before the crash, it may help the victim’s loved ones make their case. A successful claim may result in a monetary award that could compensate them for funeral expenses. Most importantly, it may help give them some peace of mind as they struggle to accept their loss.

Source:, Pedestrian killed in Fair Oaks accident, Ed Fletcher, Nov. 27, 2013