California drivers cited for talking, texting while driving

Distracted driving | February 14, 2014


Police throughout the country are serious about cutting back on car accidents as a result of talking and texting while driving. While each state has its own laws on what is and is not illegal, it is important for drivers to know exactly what is expected of them.

California is one of the strictest states in terms of using mobile devices while driving. Many of our local readers are aware of this, as they have been personally cited or know somebody who has faced this situation in the past.

Police are looking to crack down even more and did so this past weekend in Chula Vista, when 50 motorists were cited for talking on their phone while driving. Along with this, three others were cited for texting while driving.

According to local police officials, law enforcement set out to target people between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. for breaking this law. In addition to those who were cited for talking and texting while driving, others found themselves in trouble for offenses such as speeding.

All in all, more than 70 drivers were stopped during the five-hour period.

This operation was funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety with the help of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A car accident can happen in an instant, and distracted driving is a very common cause. Anyone who is injured in an accident in which the other party was talking or texting on a cellphone, has the right to speak with a personal injury attorney about seeking compensation for their damages and losses.

Source: KUSI News, “53 busted in South Bay for talking, texting while driving” No author given, Feb. 10, 2014