California car accident causes 2 death, injuries in Fresno County

Car Accidents,Our Blog,personal injury | March 25, 2014

Motorists typically understand the importance of following traffic rules, such as stopping at a red light or stop sign. Sometimes, however, they don’t notice a stop sign, or they are too impatient to stop. This split-second mistake can lead to a car accident that results in injuries or even death, leaving surviving family members to grieve for years.

In a recent California tragedy, a vehicle crash took place at an intersection. One driver ran a stop sign and suddenly crashed into a car in which two women were riding. The two women died in the vehicle wreck.

Meanwhile, three children who were riding in the back seat of the vehicle containing the women survived the crash. They suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital, with one of the children suffering many broken bones. The driver who reportedly caused the crash might face vehicular manslaughter charges, according to authorities.

If the individual who is thought to have run the stop sign ends up being charged in the incident, the motorist will have to respond to the charges. Even if no vehicular manslaughter charges are filed, the family members of the two deceased women still reserve the right to file wrongful death lawsuits against the driver, seeking reimbursement of monetary damages stemming from the wreck. The families of the injured minors also may pursue personal injury claims. Financial restitution from a successfully fought suit can help to cover medical costs and other losses resulting from the car accident. If the motorist who allegedly ran the stop sign ends up being charged and convicted in criminal court, proof of this could be used to establish his or her liability in a California civil court proceeding.

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