California bus with children on board is rear-ended

Car Accidents,Our Blog | June 6, 2014

A car in Sacramento, California, rear-ended a school bus that had children on board. Fortunately, none of those children was injured. The driver of the bus and the driver of the red sedan that was involved both sustained minor injuries, and they were taken from the scene of the accident.

The car accident happened on a Thursday morning, and it was near Vintage Park Dr. and Calvine Road. There is a set of train tracks there that runs across the road.

According to authorities who responded to the accident, the bus was being operated for the Elk Grove Unified School District. The driver had come up to the train tracks and brought the bus to a halt. When it stopped, the car behind it ran into the back of the bus.

Photos of the scene showed that the front hood of the red car had crumpled up toward the windshield. The photos of the school bus did not show much significant damage. The authorities have not yet listed the cause of the accident.

The students on the bus were special needs students, and they were also in pre-kindergarten courses.

It is very important for drivers to be aware of standard operating procedure for vehicles that transport passengers. For example, it is common for buses to stop at railroad tracks, even if there are no trains present, though cars are permitted to drive through them without stopping. Trailing drivers need to know what vehicles may unexpectedly stop in front of them. This story illustrates the ramifications of striking a bus and could lead to a personal injury lawsuit if the trailing driver is found to be at fault.

Source: KXTV, “2 injured in Sacramento school bus crash” Paul Janes, May. 29, 2014