Bus crash kills one, injures 27

Our Blog,personal injury | March 14, 2017

A bus accident left one person dead and injured 27 more in California.

According to fire officials from San Bernardino County, the wreck happened near Kramer Junction. It was close to Highway 58 and Highway 395.

Multiple vehicles were involved in the crash, according to the California Highway Patrol. One was a small bus, which was on Highway 58, going east. It then went over the center divider, driving into oncoming traffic, and slammed into a pair of smaller cars. The bus careened out of control and rolled.

The one person who was killed was driving one of the cars. The other vehicle was so mangled from the force of the impact that the passengers couldn’t get out on their own, and fire officials had to assist.

The reasons for the wreck are unclear. One news station was able to talk to the driver, who survived, and asked him what had happened. He just said: “Traffic.”

At least one person who was hurt was a minor. A helicopter was called in to take the child to a medical center, but the weather prevented it. An ambulance had to be used, and the child was rushed to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Twenty people had minor injuries, but seven of them — including the child — needed care immediately.

When a bus or any other larger vehicle causes an accident, it’s often the occupants of other cars that are in the most danger, due to the differences in size and mass between the vehicles. Those who are 1 killed, at least 27 injured in Kramer Junction bus crash,” Leticia Juarez, Feb. 27, 2017