Burns from car accidents are worse than other types of burns

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | November 15, 2017

Burns caused by car accidents can be some of the worst. They’re chemically induced and heat up very quickly, causing a lot more damage than burns from other sources. Combined with smoke, a victim inside a vehicle is in serious danger.

Most people who suffer from minor burns can recover without any complications, but major burns are different. Severe skin damage and injuries to tissue and organs, along with other medical issues may occur, all of which require emergency medical treatment to prevent complications and possible death.

What are the four different levels of burn severity?

Burns come in a number of levels, with most people recognizing first-, second- and third-degree injuries. First-degree burns are relatively minor, whereas second- and third-degree burns are moderate and severe. Fourth-degree burns are less commonly spoken about, but they are the most severe. They include destruction of tissues down to the tendons and bones, damaging a large part of the structure of the body.

Chemical burns, which are more common in car crashes, immediate medical attention is needed even if the burn seems minor. Chemicals have the potential to cause damage inside the body even if the outer injury seems minor.

Home remedies or doctor’s care?

It’s always a good idea to have a burn seen by a doctor. First-degree burns can often be treated at home with proper first aid. However, second-, third- and fourth-degree burns may require extensive medical treatment. For example, surgery may be required to help mobility and reduce scarring and deformation from third- and fourth- degree burns.

There is also the high risk of infections with all levels of burns. Tetanus is another concern with burns, so victims may require a tetanus shot upon hospitalization.

Proper treatment for burns from motor vehicle accidents can cost a lot of money. If someone else is to blame for your burn injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.