Bruising can mean you have significant injuries after a crash

Our Blog,personal injury | June 13, 2017

Whenever you get hurt, it’s normal to see bruising. When your skin is impacted, blood vessels below the surface rupture. That causes bleeding, which turns into bruising as it rises to the surface near the skin.

While most bruising is not harmful, there are times when it can signify that something is wrong. For example, if you’re

Even after a minor accident, it’s possible to suffer from bruising. It’s particularly common to see older individuals with bruising, because the skin loses its elasticity with age. This makes it less flexible and more prone to injury.

Women also bruise more easily than men, so women and men in similar circumstances could have significantly different amounts of bruising. Despite these factors, bruising is generally harmless. It’s unlikely to cause harmful blood clots and not typically a sign of life-threatening injuries. Bruising in unusual areas can signify that a sprain or fracture has taken place. When a bone breaks, the skin around the area may bruise, showing that there is damage below the surface.

Insignificant bruises may not hurt, and you may not know where they came from. Others, like those that are from severe injuries, are deep, painful and can create raised marks called hematomas.

While most bruising is not dangerous, it’s always important to seek medical help after an accident. Your attorney can help you seek compensation for the care you received, even if you were not severely injured. Our website has more on what you should do if you suffer a personal injury.