BMW fires draw criticism, concerns

Our Blog,personal injury | May 11, 2017

To many car aficionados, BMW is the ultimate driving machine. The handling, performance and luxury are significant draws that have made the German automaker a very popular choice for decades. Unfortunately, like many other automakers, BMW is not immune from criticisms about dangerous defects.

Indeed, BMW was affected by the massive Takata airbag recall, but the random fires that have been reported raise additional concerns. According to a recent report, more than 30 fires have been reported involving BMWs parked in driveways and parking lots. One such fire occurred after a BMW had been parked for several days. Another occurred after a short drive. Altogether, these sudden fires have vexed investigators and safety advocates alike.

Some believe that given some of the technological updates, some vehicles never are completely powered down when the engine is off, particularly those that have electric ignition systems. Also, there are several significant combustible components surrounding the electrical system, which creates a recipe for disaster should a power surge occur. BMW reportedly has not investigated the problem.

While no recall is currently in order, consumers should know that manufacturers have a continuing duty to protect consumers from dangerous defects. If a manufacturer knows about a particular defect, it has an obligation to issue a recall to correct the defect. If an unabated defect results in an accident, the manufacturer could be held liable for the ensuing injuries and property damage.