Bicyclist, city reach settlement in suit stemming from accident

Bicycle Accidents,Our Blog | February 19, 2015

A California city has settled a personal injury lawsuit stemming from an accident involving a bicyclist and a city refuse driver.

The bicycle accident took place on July 1, 2013 when a female bicyclist was traveling down the road and the driver of a refuse truck allegedly made a U-turn in front of her, causing her to run into the rear of the truck.

The woman suffered internal tissue damage on her leg and required extensive medical treatment, totaling more than $42,000. She filed a claim against the city for damages.

Fault was not admitted in the out-of-court settlement, but the city attorney stated that the facts regarding the case were largely undisputed.

The city agreed to a $60,000 settlement, which included compensation for the woman’s medical bills as well as $18,000 for lost wages and pain and suffering.

In an interview with a local newspaper, the city attorney said that the city decided to settle the case and pay out more than just compensation for medical expenses because going to trial would have been even more costly.

This is a good example of how hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests often results in obtaining compensation that you wouldn’t otherwise have received.

If the accident victim in this case would have simply worked with the city’s insurer to reach a settlement, she could have easily ended up only being compensated for her medical expenses, and possibly not even that much or nothing at all.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can examine the facts of your case and let you know if a personal injury claim is needed to get you the compensation that you deserve.