Avoid truck accident fatalities with these tips

Our Blog,truck accidents | May 10, 2018

Normal-sized vehicles do not stand a chance when they’re involved in a collision with a commercial truck. Big rigs are just too heavy and too massive. They will crush the average small car in an instant, leaving catastrophic injuries and death in their wake. This is why it’s essential for all commercial truck drivers — and anyone who is driving on the highway or interstate — to be on alert at all times to prevent and avoid a collision with a semitruck.

Here are two important things to remember when it comes to commercial truck safety:

Slow down, especially when taking a curve

Cornering can be dangerous when done at a high speed. Truck driver should always make an effort to slow down when navigating a curve. Following the posted signs for curve speed limits could also be dangerous, as these posted speed limitations are usually for normal vehicles. Always set your speed lower than what’s posted if you’re driving a big rig and you prevent one common type of semitruck accident.

Drive according to the weather

Bad weather causes numerous semitruck crashes. As roads become slick and visibility becomes poor, semitrucks are some of the most vulnerable to getting into a crash. One way to stay cautious is to slow down, or pull off to the side of the road if visibility is poor. You should also leave your turn indicator on longer in poor weather conditions before changing lanes or leaving the highway.

It’s important for those involved in commercial truck accidents to remember that different laws and regulations apply to commercial trucks. These laws and regulations will likely play an important role in determining liability and fault after a collision that involves one of these massive trucks.