Avoid car accidents by driving according to the road conditions

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | January 13, 2018

The safest kind of driving involves a road that is free of traffic in the full light of day, without any kind of rain, sleet, water, ice or snow. However, as any Roseville driver knows — we don’t always have the luxury of such clear driving conditions. Depending where you happen to be driving in the state of California, you could face any number of difficult-to-navigate road conditions that — if you’re not careful — could increase your chances of getting into a crash.

In fact, it’s every driver’s legal obligation to adjust his or her driving speed and driving technique to match the conditions he or she is facing on the road. Here are are a few conditions drivers face on a regular basis that would warrant driving slower and more carefully:

Ice: When there is ice on the road, your vehicle is prone to slipping and sliding. If you notice that your tires start so spin on icy patches of road, it’s important to slow your speed and take added precautions.

Snow: Ice can be present when snow is on the road too. Snow can also send vehicles out of control, off the road and crashing into other cars. In some cases, if the snow is particularly bad, it’s advisable for drivers to simply refrain from driving and stay at home — especially when visibility has been reduced and the streets are clogged with accumulated snow drift.

Rain: When rain is heavy enough, it will destroy visibility and cause vehicles to slip and slide on the wet roadways. Puddles can cause your vehicle to hydroplane out of control as well. Generally, vehicle drivers should slow down considerably when driving in the rain, or simply pull over to the side and wait for the worst of the storm to pass.

Were you injured because a driver failed to operate his or her vehicle in a way that reflected the weather conditions found on the road? You could be facing steep medical bills to pay for the doctor’s care you need to get better. These financial damages and others may be compensable in a successfully navigated motor vehicle accident claim.