Avoid a roll-over accident with these tips

Our Blog,personal injury | March 20, 2017

It was a shock when the vehicle next to you struck you, and it was made worse when the vehicle rolled over yours. Your roof collapsed, but you fortunately made it out of the vehicle with only some injuries. Rollover accidents are incredibly dangerous, and they’re more likely for those driving SUVs or trucks.

How can you make your SUV or truck safer and less likely to roll?

The first step is to look at newer SUVs. Don’t purchase older vehicles with fewer quality or safety systems. Take the time to review statistics about the vehicle before you decide to buy.

Second, watch how you load your vehicle. This goes for SUVs and large trucks. Avoid piling all the weight of the load on the roof of an SUV or on one side of a box truck, for example. This makes the cabin or trailer less balanced and more likely to tip in an accident.

Make sure to watch how fast you’re going. Your speed plays a role in the likelihood of an accident. If you’re driving over the recommended speed for your vehicle, it’s more likely to tip or roll. It also takes more attention and a higher skill level to control a vehicle at high speeds.

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