Auto recall defects linked with more accidents

Car Accidents,Our Blog | September 21, 2015

California residents may have read media reports about millions of vehicles being recalled due to safety issues such as faulty ignition switches and airbags that can fill cars with flying debris in an accident. A string of fatal crashes around the country led to 64 million trucks, cars and SUVs being recalled, but court records indicate that the number of accidents linked to these issues may be far higher than originally thought.

One such case involves a Pennsylvania woman who entered guilty pleas to a charges including vehicular manslaughter after a 2010 accident claimed the life of a 16-year-old boy. The woman claimed that the ignition switch on her Chevrolet Cobalt had moved to the accessory position prior to the crash, which prevented her from being able to steer or stop the car. The auto accident appeared to be case of reckless driving to authorities, and the woman’s claims of mechanical failure fell on deaf ears. She was released in September 2015 after spending three months behind bars.

There are two main reasons why more accidents may be connected to the recent spate of recalls. The first is the huge number of vehicles involved, and the second is the age of some of these vehicles. The recalls covered 64 million vehicles from both domestic and foreign car makers, and some of these vehicles had been on the road for a decade before being recalled.

Those who suffer injury, loss or damage in an automobile crash may seek civil remedies, and personal injury attorneys could conduct an accident investigation to ensure that such a legal action is brought against the correct party. This kind of investigation may include checking to see if any of the cars involved had outstanding recalls as well as questioning witnesses and reviewing police reports.