Audi recalls 600,000 automobiles after fire, airbag scare

Our Blog,personal injury | February 1, 2017

German luxury automaker Audi is reportedly recalling nearly 600,000 vehicles due to blocked coolant pumps which could cause fires, as well as corroded airbag inflators, according to CNet.

Specifically, Audi is recalling some A5 and Q5 models, from 2013 to 2017. Safety concerns are the cause of the recall, with the company fearing that debris may clog some of the electric cooling pumps of their cars, leading to overheating and possibly even fires.

In an effort to address the problem, Audi is rolling out software that can detect debris in the pumps, and shut off the power supply to prevent a dangerous situation.

This will affect some 340,000 vehicles. Audi will begin notifying car owners on February 20th.

Another recall

In an unrelated incident, 2011 to 2017 Audi Q5 models with sunroofs are also being recalled due to a potential issue with their airbags. In particular, company executives fear that the sunroof can experience potential leakage into the foam that surrounds the side head airbag canister, leading to corrosion.

This corrosion could then cause the airbag to spray shrapnel in the event of deployment, potentially causing serious injuries. This issue could affect some 230,000 motor vehicles.

Audi will inspect your vehicle and make the necessary changes, including replacing the foam enclosure, if needed.

Preventing instances of serious damage

By instituting this recall and implementing corrective measures, Audi is trying to step ahead of any potential safety risks that could affect as many as 600,000 drivers and their passengers. With many dealerships throughout California, the German automaker is responsible for many of the vehicles seen around the state.