ATVs more dangerous than consumers expect

injuries | May 28, 2014

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) have become very popular in California in recent years. While some people use the three- or four-wheeled vehicles for wild rides on rough and muddy terrain, others purchase the vehicles for leisurely trips or gardening around the yard.

ATVs might not look very menacing because of their small size, but most are extremely heavy and pack more power than the average person is accustomed to handling. The design of ATVs — which often includes roll cages, bucket seats and seatbelts — also misleads people to think that they are safe.

It’s not until a serious or fatal accident occurs that people find out the truth. In fact, each year many California residents and visitors are seriously injured or killed in ATV accidents, often involving unexpected rollovers and other mishaps.

These tragic accidents became especially common following the 2003 release of the Yamaha Rhino, an ATV that looks a lot like a golf cart but is actually more comparable to a small dump trunk. Weighing over 1,000 pounds, a rollover involving the Rhino can easily result in crushed limbs or worse.

When ATV accidents are the result of a mechanical defect or negligence on behalf of another person, the accident victim may be entitled to damages. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering can be sought following an ATV accident caused by negligence.

While ATV retailers ensure consumers that ATVs are safe and maneuverable by the average person, this often isn’t the case. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an ATV accident, you may be entitled to damages.

Our firm can help you to evaluate the facts surrounding your case, including what went wrong and who, if anyone, can be held responsible. For more information, please visit our Roseville ATV Accident Attorney page.