Are there drugs to treat traumatic brain injuries?

Our Blog,personal injury | August 9, 2017

While there are no current medications to cure the damage caused by a traumatic brain injury (TBI), some new medications are in the works that could help significantly in the future. In some fantastic news for those who have been affected by a TBI, it’s believed that a new drug can help reverse memory failure caused by TBIs.

A July 12 report from the University of California states that UC San Francisco scientists have used an experimental drug to reverse memory and severe learning impairments that were caused by a TBI in mice. The drug not only reversed the damage completely but also worked even if the drug wasn’t given to the mice immediately after the injury.

The results are interesting, because current medical science suggests that the best way to prevent damage to the brain is by treating it as soon as possible after an injury. With this drug, it has been suggested that even administering medications long after an injury could offer a benefit.

Traumatic brain injuries affect approximately 2 million people in the United States each year. This injury also causes a risk of Alzheimer’s disease and some types of dementia as well. Although this treatment is promising, it’s important to remember that it would need to pass clinical trials, where many drugs fail.

In mice, this drug has helped restore memory and learning functions to mice with focal contusions and concussive brain injuries. While it can’t be used to treat humans now, it may be a viable option to consider in the future if you’re still suffering from a TBI’s effects.

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