Accident leaves 5 California road users injured

Car Accidents,Our Blog | April 25, 2016

Police in California have reported that an accident involving a sedan and an SUV left five people injured on April 16. Reports indicate that drug use or drinking are not thought to have played a role. Four of the accident victims suffered what are described as significant injuries, but they are all expected to survive. The accident took place at approximately 7:55 p.m. at the intersection of Del Mar Heights Road and Camino Del Mar Road in Del Mar.

According to reports, the SUV was proceeding southbound on Camino Del Mar Road when its driver attempted to turn into the eastbound lanes of Del Mar Heights Road. The SUV was then struck by a sedan that had been traveling northbound on Camino Del Mar Road. An eyewitness is said to have told responding police officers that the SUV attempted to turn left against a red arrow. Police do not believe that the sedan was traveling at an excessive speed at the time of the crash.

Rescue workers say that they arrived at the scene to discover the sedan engulfed in flames and its four occupants lying on nearby sidewalks. The injured victims were transported to nearby trauma centers by paramedics. The driver of the SUV suffered a broken nose in the collision, and he was also taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Accident of this type often leave oncoming motorists with little chance to avoid a collision, and the injuries suffered in high-speed accidents can be life changing. Personal injury attorneys may seek compensation for those who have suffered injury, loss or damage due to the reckless actions of others by filing lawsuits against negligent drivers or their insurance providers. When police reports do not provide a complete picture of events, attorneys may conduct their own investigations to discover additional witnesses or security cameras that could have captured the events.