Accident in California takes the life of 90-year-old

Pedestrian Accidents | August 8, 2014


A pedestrian from Sacramento was hit by a car and killed on Wednesday, July 23. The man was 90 years old at the time. The police are investigating the crash to find out what happened, and they did say that it took place at 10:17 p.m.

Apparently, the driver of the car that hit the man did not know that he had done so. Because of this, he continued driving, dragging the man along. The police who got there discovered that he remained trapped under the car. However, they also said that he had been hit by at least a pair of vehicles, not just the one that they found him by.

The accident happened close to Meadowview Road, 21st St. and Coral Gables Court.

The elderly man did not make it to the hospital, but was pronounced dead at the crash site.

While the investigation is ongoing, the police have said that they ruled out charges for driving under the influence. That information came from a spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department. At this time, it is not yet clear if the driver is going to be charged with anything in the tragic accident.

For the family of anyone who has been killed in a car accident, the outcome of the police investigation can be quite important. They need to pay attention to the findings to make sure that justice is served. They also need to know who was at fault to determine if they have a right to any type of financial compensation that is connected to the loss of their loved one.

Source: News 10, “90-year-old man killed in fatal accident on Meadowview Road” Tauhid Chappell, Jul. 24, 2014