7-vehicle crash leaves several injured

Our Blog,personal injury | August 23, 2017

When one driver makes an error, that person puts everyone else on the roads in danger. A single error could result in multiple vehicles crashing, which could lead to injuries and deaths. Even if the initial accident is caused by a small vehicle, the impacts of larger vehicles or the involvement of pedestrians can quickly lead to high injury rates and fatality counts.

An Aug. 21 report about a situation like that one describes the horrible scene where seven vehicles were involved in a crash on Highway 99. The California Highway Patrol stated that the crash resulted in multiple people going to the hospital for treatment.

In the case of one victim, a child, he or she was trapped inside a vehicle. Once extricated, the child was flown via helicopter to Valley Children’s Healthcare. Reports have stated that the child is expected to survive and that the injuries weren’t life-threatening.

The initial car crash was reported at around 10:10 a.m., but it’s not clear what caused the accident. A large truck was involved in the collision, which may account for the number of injuries that resulted.

Crashes can typically be avoided with some preventative measures. For example, drivers should always pay attention to the road and never text message when they’re behind the wheel. If they’re tired, they should take a break instead of continuing onward. By taking these types of preventative measures, many accidents can be avoided, helping prevent injuries like those you have today. Victims who are hurt in crashes have a right to pursue compensation from the people responsible with the help of a car crash lawyer, whether it’s the initial driver in a pile-up collision or the manufacturer of a vehicle that was defective.

Source: The Modesto Bee, “Seven vehicles crash on Highway 99 in Turlock; child airlifted to hospital,” Jim Silva, Aug. 21, 2017