61-year-old pedestrian killed in tragic bus accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | September 17, 2017

Buses are heavy vehicles that are cumbersome and difficult to maneuver, making them prone to accidents. On top of this fact, due to their weight and size, buses can cause catastrophic and deadly injuries when they strike pedestrians and passenger vehicles.

Example of a recent fatal bus accident

Following a recent Redwood City bus accident, a man has died. According to Redwood City officials, the 61-year-old man died not long after being struck by the bus at approximately 12:48 a.m. The bus was operated by a San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) contractor.

SamTrans officials said that the accident happened at Redwood City’s Sequoia Caltrain Station. Emergency responders rushed to the scene of the incident and did what they could to save the injured man. They rushed him to Stanford Hospital, and doctors performed emergency surgery, but they were unable to save him.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Major Accident Investigation Team, along with Transit Police, are currently investigating what may have caused the accident. What is currently known is that the man was trying to get on the bus via its rear entrance at the time of the incident. The bus driver is currently on administrative leave as a result of the accident. The bus involved in the crash was also impounded until the California Highway Patrol and the sheriff’s office can inspect it.

If you were hurt in a bus accident, seek legal assistance

If you were hurt — or if your loved one was killed — in a public bus accident due to no fault of your own, you may have the right to pursue financial claims in court relating to your injuries.

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