4 steps to take after a car accident that might surprise you

Car Accidents,Our Blog | February 2, 2015

Most people are generally aware of what steps to take following a car accident, including checking to make sure everyone at the scene is okay, calling the police to report the accident, and meeting with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your compensation options.

But recently, the Yahoo! auto blog Motoramic featured several steps to take following a car wreck that aren’t nearly as obvious. They include:

Take pictures from the driver’s seat. While you may have already heard that it is a good idea to snap pictures using your cell phone at the accident scene, you might not have thought to take the photos from the driver’s seat, showing the area of impact from your precise vantage point.

Practice your story before talking to the police. Many people get flustered and nervous while talking to police, which is why items a good idea to practice what you are going to say before the police arrive. It is also a good idea to make a recording of yourself on your cellphone detailing what happened if it could be a while before police arrive.

Consider recording the conversation you have with the police officer. Most people don’t realize that it is perfectly legal to record a conversation you have with police following a car accident so that you can accurately remember what was said and you can play it for your lawyer later.

Make sure the police report is accurate, and speak up if it isn’t. Some people assume that a police report is set in stone, but it isn’t. It’s certainly possible — and a good idea — to bring up any inaccuracies in the report with the officer so that it can be modified to reflect the truth. Your recording can help with this.

Each one of these tips can be very effective at making sure that you are justly compensated following a car accident, which happens all too frequently in the state of California.