4 reasons for tailgating

Our Blog,personal injury | April 18, 2017

Tailgating is dangerous and causes accidents constantly, but it’s also so common that everyone has been tailgated at some point. Millions of drivers do it every single week.

Drivers’ education courses always talk about staying two seconds back and maintaining a safe following distance, but people continue to tailgate. Why does this happen? Below are four reasons.

1. They are late.

People often leave the house with just enough time to get to work or other appointments. If anything holds them up, even someone who is going slightly slower than they’d like, they’re going to be late. Rather than learning to leave sooner, they tailgate.

2. They’re impatient.

Drivers may not even be late. They’re just sick of driving. They want to be at their destinations immediately. Cars make travel faster today than it’s ever been in human history, but that’s not enough.

3. They’re ignorant.

Many drivers fail to realize how dangerous tailgating is. They think they’re following at a safe distance when they’re really setting up a potential accident.

4. They’re angry.

Road rage plays a role, especially if there are other mistakes made. For instance, a driver may get cut off accidentally on the highway, and he or she then may tailgate that car out of spite, as if that’s a way to “get back” at the other driver for the earlier error.

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