3 injuries and 1 fatality follow Caltrans accident

Car Accidents,Our Blog | July 8, 2016

A California highway was the site of a major accident on Friday, July 1, 2016, involving a Dodge Ram pickup and a Caltrans vehicle. The incident left one person dead, one critically injured and two others with minor injuries. While authorities have ruled out drugs and alcohol as causes of the accident, the reasons for the collision are still unclear.

The Caltrans employees were completing work on a highway guardrail when the accident occurred. Both were wearing their protective equipment, including reflective vests and hard hats. As they finished their work, the driver of the Dodge Ram collided with the rear of the Caltrans vehicle, pinning one worker between the two vehicles and pushing the Caltrans vehicle forward, hitting the other worker as well. The Dodge Ram continued ahead where it ran off the road and overturned in the ditch. The passenger in the Dodge Ram suffered fatal injuries, and the driver sustained minor injuries.

According to a spokesperson for Caltrans, both workers were experienced roadwork veterans and following safety precautions. He went on to say that it is up to drivers of other vehicles to be aware and do their part to keep workers safe when they are standing outside of their trucks performing their duties.

Roadway accidents can happen anytime and under any conditions. Car crashes often result in injuries that can be catastrophic and sometimes fatal. However, an attorney can often assist injured victims in accidents involving negligent or distracted driving in seeking compensation for their losses through a personal injury lawsuit filed against the at-fault motorist.

Source: ABC30,“One Killed After Truck Collides With Caltrans Vehicle Near Visalia” Brian Johnson, July 1, 2016