1 killed in 3-vehicle accident involving 2 semis

Our Blog,truck accidents | October 5, 2017

Crashes are bad enough when they’re between two small vehicles, but when they involve multiple semi-trucks, they can be lethal. The size of these vehicles makes them likely to crush and damage vehicles of all sizes, putting everyone’s lives at risk. Add to that the risk of hazardous materials spilling or the truck’s load breaking loose, and there could be mayhem whenever two semis collide.

That kind of mayhem shut down a highway for several hours in this case. A collision involving three vehicles closed the westbound lanes of Interstate Highway 580 last month. The crash took place close to Eden Canyon Road near Castro Valley in the early hours of the morning.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that a black sedan collided with a big rig, which caused the driver to have trouble seeing where he was going. According to the CHP, the truck came to a stop in the middle of the highway, where it was then hit by a second semi-truck driven by a man who could not stop in time to avoid the collision. The 62-year-old man in the second truck was killed.

Crashes like this are typically avoidable. It’s not clear why the sedan collided with the first truck, but as long as individuals stay in their lanes, there’s no risk of colliding with one another in this way. Paying attention, avoiding getting distracted and getting enough rest can do a lot for the safety of those on the roads. If you’re impacted by a negligent driver, know that you have a right to pursue compensation.

Source: Fox KTVU, “All lanes of I-580 re-opened after deadly big rig accident,” Sep. 14, 2017