1 dies, 1 injured in California car accident

Car Accidents,Our Blog | February 11, 2015

One family in California is in mourning after they recently lost their loved one in an unfortunate car crash. The car accident took place along Highway 17 on a Saturday night. A man, 50, died in the collision.

According to police, a crash was reported on the highway shortly before midnight. One man, 78, was navigating his sport utility vehicle south and ended up crashing into back left portion of a sedan. Police could not determine the speed at which the SUV was traveling. The impact caused the car to spin before coming to a rest in the southbound lanes, where it faced north. The SUV rotated slightly and ended up facing southeast.

The person driving the sedan was not breathing when officers arrived, and his seat belt was not engaged. Bystanders attempted to resuscitate him, but he was latter pronounced dead. The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. At last report, authorities had not yet determined whether alcohol was a causal factor in this fatal crash.

The grieving family of the man who died in the crash may wish to try to hold the driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck his car financially accountable. They have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit, pursuing a claim monetary damages that may help to cover the fatal car accident victim’s burial costs and other losses, if awarded. In order to prevail in this type of case in California, the plaintiffs must provide proof that negligence on the part of the other driver caused or contributed to their loved one’s death. Typically, a driver that rear ends another vehicle is considered responsible for the monetary damages that accrue, though that is a determination for a civil court to make after considering all of the relevant evidence.

Source: CBS San Francisco, “CHP Identifies San Jose Man Killed In 2-Car Crash On Hwy 17 In Los Gatos“, Feb. 8, 2015