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Important dog bite facts Californians should know

dog bite,Our Blog,pit bull | August 17, 2014

Dogs. Often considered to be man’s best friend, these muscular, four-legged animals can quickly turn into man’s worst nightmare given the right — or wrong — circumstances. While a number of breeds are considered more aggressive or dangerous than others — pit bulls and rottweilers taking the top two slots — any breed of dog…

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Preconceptions about dog breeds, attacks may not always hold true

Our Blog,pit bull | March 28, 2014

When traveling down the sidewalk, California residents might regularly encounter dogs out for a walk with their owners. For many people, it might be a natural to size-up the oncoming dog. As a result of this process, certain conclusions about the dog’s relative friendliness might be drawn without even meeting the pooch. One of the…

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