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Proposed bus safety regulations return to the spotlight

fatal accident,Our Blog | April 18, 2014

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are never a welcome occurrence. Unexpectedly, families lose so much — often without the ability to say goodbye to loved ones. The healing process after the crash can be long, as families explore their options to feel whole once again and move forward. However, in some cases, there may be an…

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Spock’s damaged brain: TBI and elevated risk of early death

fatal accident,Our Blog | April 9, 2014

Science fiction stories are full of scenarios where brains are preserved after death. In the original “Star Trek” series, for example, the brain of the iconic character Mr. Spock is hijacked by an alien civilization. The aliens repurpose it as a master computing device to control their life-support systems – leaving Mr. Spock’s body in…

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Federal study reveals human toll of distracted driving

fatal accident,Our Blog | March 20, 2014

Over the last several weeks, we have discussed issues surrounding distracted driving in a pair of blog posts. The development of and proliferation new technology has most definitely fueled concerns about drivers discovering new sources of distraction. Although this message might be a common refrain from public safety officials, a study published by the Centers…

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